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At FCIC Consulting & Financial Services, we help bring a strategic focus to growth, profitability, operational efficiencies, business valuation, reporting, recruitment, training, exit planning, and a host of other strategic issues. 

Utilizing proprietary tools and knowledge from years of experience we will benchmark your company against your peers, show you how to increase EBITDA on a consistent basis, assess your strengths and opportunities, calculate the value of your organization, improve your top and bottom lines and create a blueprint for success. Now you have a coach who will worry about the same things you lay awake and think about at night. 

Consider having us provide the keynote address to your conferences, train your sales staff, educate your customer base which will create more loyalty among them to your products and services, or facilitate your strategic planning sessions. 

Looking to acquire a target company? We can help you with valuation and due diligence, ensuring you are getting what you're paying for. 

Looking to sell? Let us help you value your company and assist in structuring your deal to your greatest advantage. 

We know it's lonely at the top and without a trusted advisor, sometimes you've got no one to run ideas past.
Call Moses Mays direct at 713-823-9091 or email him at and lets get acquainted.